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In “Adventure!”

ART is Encountered

ART is Experienced

ART Unfolds. . .

The PATH We Just Walked Together


It’s the First of Many Galleries that will be Encountered and Experienced as this Enterprise Garden continues to Grow Forward…

As it continues to produce Beautiful, Uplifting Blossoms and Rich, Nourishing Fruit.

“A Picture can speak Volumes of Heart-Stopping Words;

A Word can invoke a Series of Breath-Stealing Images:

“Together, they have the Power to Lift Us to Awe-Inspiring Heights we never even knew existed… in the outside world of our Physical Lives, and the Inner-World of our Spiritual Selves.1

This First Path was Bursting with ART presented in Many Forms: Image-Based, Text-Based, and Combinations of Both….

It was made up of Individual Pieces/Blossoms that easily Stand-Alone, but Just as Easily Interconnect with others to create:

A Group—A Cluster—A Bouquet…

A ChainA String—A Golden Thread…

and, YES…

Even A Path!

A PATH That Can Be “WALKED.”

© TJ-Victoria, 2019 – 2021