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Brand New “Wings!”

Your Encounter with Art, Your “Experience” of Art

Any Art

is Your Very Own.

What type of Experience you ultimately have can’t be predicted, or determined in advance.

It’s Yours.

It’s Your Unfolding Journey.

And whatever treasure you find along the way

is Meant to be discovered…

By You!

I Truly Hope You Enjoyed This First Encounter,

Your First Small Experience,

My Little “Mini” Art-Gallery

as I “Led You Down A Garden Path”!

“My” Garden Path

If you Choose to Walk “The 8-Minute Path” One Day… You’ll Receive A Wonderful “Intangible” GIFT as We Walk Along it Together.

And When You Do… I hope you’ll Choose to Accept that Gift,

and Make My” Garden Your Own.

You’ll ALSO Become Eligible to CLAIM A Glorious “12-Item Tangible GIFT-Pack” Once You Finish “Walking That PATH”!

Just Remember…


Let’s Grow Forward…


© TJ-Victoria, 2019