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Peace & Harmony

“True Peace is a Place.

It’s a ‘State-of-Being.’

“You have to Discover Yours

and Claim it as Your Own.

You can’t Earn it, Buy it, or Win it.

Pure Harmony is the ‘Child’ of Inner Balance.

It’s Made Possible by Achieving that ‘STATE,’

By Experiencing that ‘Sense of True Inner-Peace.’

“You have to Open the Way for it,


You can’t just Hope for, or Wait for it To Happen.

“The Moment You Do…

The Minute You Discover That Place,

Open That Door,

& Taste That Fruit…

Life Starts to FLOW!

“And ‘Establishing Flow’

in My Life


“What My Life-Garden,


is All About.1

1: © TJ-Victoria, 2019; © TJ-Victoria, 2019