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Your Third Gift:

TJ-Victoria: The Queen of LOVE!

Your First “Seed-Packet!TM

“A High-Quality 8×10 Printable Digital-Image File”

NOTE: The “TJ-Victoria” Watermark you see across this Gorgeous Cedar Waxwing’s breast is ONLY VISIBLE on this low-resolution copy of the Art-Print Image-File that I use on My Website. It WILL NOT be visible on “Your Art-Print.”

It’s Your First “Packet of Seed.”

It’s ALL You Need.

And It’s FREE!

This Gift Gives You the Opportunity to Try a Digital-Download WITHOUT having to make a purchase. It’s essentially the Same Process that will occur when you acquire a High-Quality Printable Digital-Image-File from my “Garden-Style” Satellite-Stores Located on ETSY and Facebook.

When you CLICK the “DOWNLOAD” Button, below… A High-Quality Copy of My Master Print-File for this Beautiful 8×10 Art-Print will INSTANTLY DOWNLOAD to your computer or device.

On ETSY, My Master Print-Files will be located on ETSY’s Secure Shopping-Platform.

For this FREE GIFT, and for My Facebook Satellite-Store, My Master Print-Files will be located in a Secure Folder on DropBox… A Safe and Secure Name and Platform used by Millions For This Very Purpose.

You DON’T Have to Have a DropBox Account to Receive this FREE GIFT or ANY Future Purchase Made from My Facebook Satellite-Store!

The Virus-Free Files You Acquire from Either of those platforms are downloaded Directly to the “Downloads” Forlder on your computer or device.

When you’re ready to get this Beautiful Art-Print printed, All You Do is put “A Copy of the File” on a USB Stick and take it to a Print-Shop. Never take Original Print-Files to be printed. If they are damaged, or you lose your USB-Stick, you’re done!

If you Download Directly to Your Smart-Phone, some Self-Serve Print-Shops let you print directly from your phone. Full-Service Shops may need to take the file off of your phone to print it, so make sure they“Only Take a Copy.”


This is GIFT #3… From Me to YOU!

DON’T FORGET While You’re Here

To Get GIFT #2!

It’s a 12-PART Tangible GIFT-Pack!


Sincerely, and with Love…



Coming Soon!

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