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Garden Galleria Gifts:

Inspirational Art

Give and Receive

“G3 Inspirational Art


TheG3 Inspirational ArtStores

YOU Have Just Entered a High-Speed Elevator… that will Take You To YOUR Choice of Two “Garden-Style” Satellite-Stores  that are Located on Well-Known, ESTABLISHED Platforms.

Platforms YOU Can TRUST.

 I am fully commited to providing the visitors to “My Living Canvas” with the safest browsing and shopping experiences I possibly can… in environments that have proven themselves with respect to the Handling of Confidential Personal Information and the Security of Online Financial Transactions.

To That End…

The First “G3 Inspirational Art Satellite-Store is located Within the Well-Known and Well-Established Shopping Environment of ETSY.

Besides a Selection of Pre-Listed Products, It’s MAIN PURPOSE is to Provide an ETSY-Based “Safe-Buy” Environment in which ONE-TIME Custom-LISTINGS can be set up SPECIFICALLY for Customers who are Not Comfortable with the More Personal and Direct Communications, Payment, and Delivery Options Offered in the Facebook Satellite-Store.

“Think of these Satellite-Stores as “Seed Repositories,”

“Seed Banks!”

And, as it is with ANY Garden…

It’s All About the SEEDS.

Without seeds, you Can’t Grow Anything!1

I Provide The Seed… in the form of High-Quality Digital Image Files that are PROVEN Printable.

You Acquire Whichever Seed-Packets (Digital Image Files) You Wish,

and then You Plant and Grow them.

YOU Print Them…


“It’s Simple, Safe, Fast, and INEXPENSIVE”

The “G3 Inspirational Art” stores are where you will find All the Seed You Need…

The Downloadable “Seed Packets!”

To Visit the Evolving ETSY-Based “SAFE-BUY” Satellite-Store, Click the “ETSY” Button, below.

For a More Engaging, “Personally-Connected” Type of Experience, Click the Facebook Satellite-Store Button, below.

ETSY "Safe-Buy" Shop


Coming Soon!

My Facebook Satellite-Store

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“CLICK” the “Gift #3” Button, below, and Get Your 3rd Gift.

I Hope You Like Beautiful Surprises!

Thanks So Much for Visiting My Garden and for Taking Some Time to Explore and Experience It.

Sincerely, TJ-Victoria

1, 2: © TJ-Victoria, 2020; © TJ-Victoria, 2020-2022