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TJ-Victoria: The Goddess of LOVE!

“It’s Quick to Fix!


You should see a Main Background Image that covers the Whole Screen.

The “Page Contents,” or the “Main Elements” of the Web Page run down the center of the screen, like they are supposed to.


That Center Strip of “Main Elements” may appear WAY Too Small/Narrow against the full-width background image.

They “Should” take up a little more than a third of the screen width.

That would leave about a third of the screen (or just a little less than 1/3) “OPEN” on both sides where the only thing showing is the full-width background image.

The Zoom-Level in Safari is Often set Below 100% when you get your system.

My 27″ Retina-5 iMac was set at only 50%!

BUT Safari has a feature that allows you to Adjust The Zoom For An Individual Website.

And You Only Have to Do It “ONCE.”

And then Safari will use the level you set Every Time You Visit that site from then on.

Point at My Website Address in the address-bar at the top of this page.

Then Right-Click It.

A little drop-down menu appears.

Click: “Settings For This Site”

Another drop-down menu will appear:

Look for “ZOOM.”

What is your “Zoom Level” set at?

If it’s lower than 100%… “Click” on the number that is showing.

A long, narrow drop-down menu will appear.

Choose “100%”

You will see that the Actual Size of the Page-Contents (Main Center Elements) of This Web Page Got Bigger as soon as you clicked on the new Zoom-Level.

Remember: The Main-Element Images and Text Boxes are “Not” supposed to go completely across the screen from one side to the other. There should be a decent amount of the full-width background image showing on either side.

So a Zoom-Level of 100% may be enough to make things look “Balanced” to You

However, Feel Free to Play With It a little if you like… and “Try” a little bigger Zoom-Level.

You may find that 100% to 115% looks pretty good on your laptop or smaller desktop monitor.

But I prefer 115% to 125% for my 27″ iMac screen.

Just use your “Eye,” and your best judgment. It’s a matter of personal preference.

And you can always adjust it again later on after you have been through the whole Website and have a good idea of how the art is displayed and the pages are designed.

REMEMBER: This Adjustment Only Affects My Website.

And once you do it, Safari remembers it and will use it every time you come here from now on!

When you are done:

Click the “Path-Stone” at the bottom of this page.

It will take you back to “MY SECRET PLACE,”

So you can “Experience” My Living Canvas the way you were Meant to Experience It!

© TJ-Victoria, 2019-2021