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My Heart

My Heart

My Heart

From Glorious Imperfection…

Comes Genuine Beauty


An Excerpt from the “ALL IN” interview with TJ-Victoria1


“Several times during this interview, you have referred to ‘Virtual Reality.’ I perceived a distinct undertone of distaste as you did so. But I wasn’t completely clear on what exactly you were referring to, what you meant by it at the time. Could you flesh that out a bit for us, TJ?”


“We all have our own perspectives, opinions, and approaches with respect to everything we do or engage in. Speaking only of my own with respect to the Droplets of Natural Beauty I attempt to capture with my digital paint-brush and apply like paint to a canvas, I define ‘Virtual Reality’ as being ‘The imagination-less submersion of self in a sterile-river of artificial, optical perfection.’2



[a wry smile and a soft chuckle]

“Can we clarify that a wee bit, TJ?”


[broad smile, laughing eyes]


“As in ‘The feeding of my eyes but the starving of my Soul with a seemingly endless diet of Blemish-less Beauty that’s been raped of the Depth and Meaning and Substance that can Only be discovered hidden among the endless layers of Glorious Imperfection that already exist naturally… those layers that riddle Creation and everything in it By Design… Ourselves included.3


[Silence… TJ leans forward, eyes brighter, more intense. I can “feel” something building in the space between us, a presence, an energy…. With Passion, TJ continues]


“‘The Priceless treasures are found hidden in the Irregularities, the gaps and spaces created by Imperfection.’4

“The Ultimate Secret to the discovery and experience of Breath-Stealing, Heart-Stopping, Awe-Inspiring Beauty is simply this:

‘You Must be open and willing to accept and appreciate the Thorn... if you Ever hope to experience and be nourished by The Rose.’5

“’It is Within that Glorious, Multilayered Kaleidoscope of Imperfections that lay the Seed and Root—the Substance and Fruit… of Genuine Beauty.’6

“‘And THIS Beauty, like Life-Giving Art for the Heart…, IS… The Ultimate Food for the Soul.’7


“Bang On!

[bright eyes, broad smiles]

“That hit me hard….

[soft laughter, settling back in our chairs]

“Thanks, TJ.”

To Illuminate a Path!

© TJ-Victoria, 2019

© My Living Canvas, 2018

1: “TJ-Victoria, ALL IN, 11/04/2017,” © TJ-Victoria & My Living Canvas, 2017

2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7: © TJ-Victoria, 2018