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My Passion

My Passion

My Passion

Love In Action!


*An excerpt from the “ALL IN” interview with TJ-Victoria1


“We’ve covered a lot of ground, TJ… explored a great deal of territory in an attempt to get to know Who TJ-Victoria is and What, exactly, TJ-Victoria is all about….

“Can we summarize it all, I wonder?

“For example, think about the full title of this interview for just a moment: ‘TJ-Victoria, ALL IN, 11/04/2017.’ It sounds so specific… like a moment of conviction, an expression of commitment, a line in the sand.

“It sounds like a Starting Point of some kind, for something… something New.

“Can you pull it all together somehow, in a way that strikes at the core of it all… in a way that strikes at the core of You?

[TJ sat back in the chair in an obvious moment of quiet reflection, gaze lowered slightly… then calmly looked up and began to speak]


“From the depths of my Soul a ‘Passion’ arose to capture One tiny Droplet of Natural Beauty and Faithfully apply it, like Paint to a Canvas, so I could then Share it with others.

“If I succeeded, the glory would not be mine… ‘The Masterpiece already exists! …by virtue of the Master-Hand that created it. And it’s there to sustain and uplift any Soul, any Spirit who might search for and find it, or need and stumble upon it.’2

“The truth is that ‘The Gallery-of-Life overflows with these works of Living, Life-Sustaining Art.’3

“‘But the stresses and strains, difficulties and challenges, and the relentless and overwhelming torrent of diversions and distractions that seem an ever-present part of modern-day life and living act as a thick mist in a majestic forest… or a heavy fog that rolls over a glorious plain… They Blind the Eye, Crush the Spirit, and slowly but surely Starve the Soul.’4

My Stumbling has been rewarded, and My Needs are being filled. My Passion has been ignited, and My Commitment is simple and clear:

I Will Capture the Essence of these tiny Droplets of Natural Beauty.

I Will Apply Them as Life-Sustaining Paint to a Living-Canvas.

I Will Place Them as Marker-Posts where Others In Need might see them.

“’And my Hope is this…

That they might act as Beacons

that attract the Weary Eyes, Broken Hearts, and Hungry Souls of others…

and lead them forward:

To an Ever-Present and Desperately Needed Safe Harbor,

ToNever-Failing and Never-Ending Sheltering Peace,

To a Rock-Solid and Spirit-Lifting supply of Nourishment,

To the Very Source of Life-Sustaining Soul-Feeding Abundance.5

“Simply put…

“To Lead Them Home.”


[words escaped me… we just sat there looking at each other]

“Hear, Hear,” I said at last [blinking, breaking eye-contact, shifting in my chair].

“Well said, TJ…

[warm smiles]

“Well done.”

To Point the Way!

© TJ-Victoria, 2019

© My Living Canvas, 2018

1: “TJ-Victoria, ALL IN, 11/04/2017,” © TJ-Victoria & My Living Canvas, 2017

2, 3, 4, 5: © TJ-Victoria, 2018